Find quick answers to your questions below... Is MXBON 105 water proof ? Yes, MXBON 105 is 100% water proof. It is not water soluble. Can MXBON 105 be used on making o-rings ? Yes, MXBON 105 is a superior glue for making custom o-rings, gaskets, and vacuum belt materials since it retains 100% full pliability. How Do I remove Mxbon from my fingertips ? Being very careful Acetone will quickly remove the product if fingers are glues together. If Acetone is not available use copious amounts of warm water and lather soap in between fingers. This will gradually take off the adhesive. Should i use gloves when using this product? Gloves are not necessary when using the product. TIP: Many people find that applying hand lotion liberally on hands creates a useful " invisible glove" and makes application non-stick on fingers.
Is mxbon105 the strongest glue on the planet ; yes !
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